The Historical Moment When Ronaldo Apologized

The Moment When Ronaldo Apologized

The moment when Ronaldo apologized was indeed a historical moment. Cristiano Ronaldo apologized to the media after he equaled Raul’s Real Madrid Record for most goals. He also crossed the figure of 500 goals. He apologized for being “a bit of a b***d”. Cristiano Ronaldo made the observation at an event he equaled Raul’s record. He became Real Madrid’s all time leading goal scorer. With a brace in a 2-0, he equaled Raul’s record of 323 goals for Real Madrid in Champion League. He apologized that he wanted to thank the media because he knew that lately he had been a bit of a b****d with them but it was his way of being. It is indeed greatness of Cristiano Ronaldo who apologized. People usually look reluctant to apologize. You do not know Ronaldo also apologized over kicking Cordoba defender.

Ronaldo apologized ; Ronaldo apologized over kicking Cordoba defender

The event was organized by Real Madrid where Ronaldo’s team-mates and coaching staff was present. He thanked all those people that had helped him throughout his career. He said that he was very happy. He was thankful to his team mates because without them that would never be possible. Cristiano Ronaldo thanked to all his coached Carlo Ancelotti, Jose Mourinho, Manuel Pellegrini and Rafael Benitez. He admited that they had always helped him. He appreciated the equipment managers and physios as well.

This story has another interesting aspect because there is some controversy behind the counting of the goal tally. It is amazing controversy that club believes that the former Manchester United attacker, Cristiano Ronaldo has reached 324 goals. Official record does not support Real Madrid’s argument in this regard. According to official record Cristiano Ronaldo just equaled the record of Raul which was 323 goals only.


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