Real Madrid vs Atlético Madrid Match Preview Champion League Final

Real Madrid vs Atlético Madrid Match Preview Champion League Final

Real Madrid vs Atlético Madrid Match Preview Champion League Final

Zinédine Zidane, Madrid coach
Ronaldo has been feeling slightly of pain however he is OK. He’ll be there 100%. He incorporates a very little niggle, however that disappears once you are going to play during a Champions League final.

It’s planning to be a troublesome game obviously, extraordinarily troublesome, however we tend to already apprehend this and we’re ready for it. We’ve had fortnight to organize and currently the players wish the ball to begin rolling.Real Madrid vs Atlético Madrid Match Preview Champion League Final

I see the players an equivalent as in port. We’re one game away. We’re all terribly happy to be during this final. We’re prepared for this, and that is the large word: we’re able to play. We’ve worked laborious to attain this. i am pleased with the work we’ve allotted. We’ve suffered lots, however reaching a final while not suffering is not possible. we all know a way to try this and that is what we’ll ought to do once more, no doubt. during a final it’s absolutely traditional to own difficulties. If you would like to win it, you’ve got to suffer.Real Madrid vs Atlético Madrid Match Preview Champion League Final

Losing won’t be a failure. Failure is in your angle, or if you do not provide your all. It’s simply a contact sport. You ne’er apprehend what is going to happen however I will tell you we’re terribly ready. [Since 2014] some players have left however the concept of this club is often an equivalent. it is the nice story: unity, effort, fellowship and, once the time involves play, quality and going everything on the sector. we would like to repeat that.

When the match begins i will be slightly a lot of tense [than as a player] however that is usual too – it’s a part of the coaching. I like it, i favor this sort of pressure. I’ve knowledgeable about it as a player however as a tutor it’s fully totally different. Carlo Ancelotti wont to tell American state that always. He told American state before the ultimate in Lisbon: “I hope you expertise this some day as head coach.” Here we tend to square measure, therefore I keep thinking of Carlo.

Above all you’ve got to defend well, 1st and foremost, particularly after you do not have the ball. On prime of that, we’ve our weapons to figure well once we’re assaultive. What we actually ought to do is run: run, run, run.
The game are terribly tense, very even, particularly at the start. Casemiro allows them to regroup higher if they lose the ball. Whoever wins the first battles in eye can have a plus – Madrid, with their technical qualities, would possibly attempt to play a lot of.

The club, the players, the cluster we’ve created, is reinventing itself endlessly. that is what is most precious at this club. everybody works with the concept of up, growing, and that is life – if you’re employed, work, work, eventually you get what you would like.
To play a final is completely fantastic, to win it’s even higher. that have causes you to wish to continue living these moments. it is not easy; you’ve got to select yourself up, keep inventing yourself, amendment the players however not amendment the commitment, the values, the work. If you retain operating, you are insistent, you’ll be able to reach things.

We’re not extremely planning to amendment abundant for this game – neither team can. Madrid haven’t modified abundant [since 2014]; we’ve modified a lot of however we’ve an equivalent structure. Casemiro makes Madrid lots a lot of dangerous on the counterattack – that is however they contend in each [semi-final] legs against Manchester town. many folks assume that is dangerous – not American state. There might be totally different things throughout the sport however it’s clear that, if you provide Madrid area, they are terribly dangerous.

I like to own 113 years of history on my back – i favor that, i like the pressure. solely winning would satisfy American state.

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