Lionel Messi v Cristiano Ronaldo: Who is the greatest this week?

Lionel Messi v Cristiano Ronaldo: Who is the greatest this week?

Lionel Messi v Cristiano Ronaldo: Who is the greatest this week?

ALL-ROUND PERFORMANCEMessi: Espanyol spent the week trash talking therefore a lot of not even oscar the Grouch could compete. They said they would offer Barcelona, and Messi, a physical battle like no other they had long-faced this season. Indeed, Messi came up against a team of brutes on Sunday, but there was no battle. This was as one-sided as Canelo Alvarez versus Amir Khan, except Barca didn’t beat Espanyol with a thumping KO blow to the head. They got the better of their town rivals by being smarter, quicker and simply typically better. Ronaldo: Ronaldo says he is fully work, despite missing the past two weeks through injury. He says he can’t understand why individuals doubt his fitness. Well, it would appear Zinedine Zidane is one of those doubters, withdrawing Ronaldo once seventy minutes (for Alvaro Arbeloa!), wrapping him up in cotton wool, massaging his troublesome lower back and swing him back into carbon freeze for next week’s Liga decider at Deportivo La Coruna. Even whilst carrying a knock, Ronaldo was still the best player on the pitch. He could be missing a couple of vertebrae and still be the most effective player on the pitch. Advantage: Ronaldo .



This match might have gone rather otherwise had Espanyol decided at any purpose to stop kicking Barcelona’s players and instead kick the ball. As it clothed , this derby was a bypast conclusion pretty a lot of from the terribly begin. It was like watching the shenanigan.E.Coyote trying to drop associate anvil off a drop-off on the head of the Road Runner, only to be outsmarted each time. This was a mismatch between a team wanting to play soccer and another going to stop anyone from taking part in soccer. Ronaldo: Real Madrid may have unexpectedly taken the Liga title race to the ultimate day, reaching the Champions League final last week too, but there is still the sense that it might all disintegrate at any given moment. Even with Los Blancos 3-1 up against a Valencia side therefore chaotic they have hired 2 Sky Sports pundits as their manager this season, Real almost contrived to throw it all away, holding on for a nervy 3-2 win. The club shop at the Bernabeu sells Real Madrid-themed everything. Zidane better hope they have some duck tape, because he desires some to hold everything along.


For every goal he scores, Ronaldo posts a picture on his Instagram account. Because however else would the world acumen over and over he has hit the rear of the net this season? so with his double against Valencia came 2 posts on Sunday evening. Maybe he ought to strive it the alternative approach spherical, posting his pictures before games. Five posts, five goals. Like a social media ritual dance.

FINAL SCORE: Lionel Messi 2-3 Cristiano Ronaldo So for the next seven days Ronaldo is that the greatest footballer on earth, which is quite the action given he’s presently playing with a broken back. Or something like that.


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