Lionel Messi shows why Cristiano Ronaldo is stronger than him

Lionel Messi shows why Cristiano Ronaldo is stronger than him

Football can be a team sport, however there are some players who outline the sport. The magnitude of their stature is such the full fraternity shakes with their thunder. Some players are maybe the game itself.Right now, solely 2 players exude such power: Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. And why not? For the last eight years, the Ballon d’Or hasn’t found an area in anyone else’s hand except these 2.Therefore, it’s solely natural for the limelight to continuously stay on them. it’s return to a degree currently that these 2 can’t even burp while not the media creating a return of it.Despite being 2 terribly completely different players, they need lots of things in common. And one among the foremost painfully obvious similarities is their lack of tableware on the international front. the 2 have amassed varied trophies at club level however have continuously fallen short once representing their several countries.On this front, however, Messi is slightly a lot of lucky as a result of most of his Argentina team-mates square measure world category players in their positions. additionally to Sergio Aguero and Angel Di Maria, even their once-weak defense currently has formidable players like Nicolas Otamendi and Funes Mori.It is for this reason that the South yank country has done well within the last 3 tournaments they need been in, enjoying the ultimate in every of them.

The team-mates of Cristiano Ronaldo at portugal, on the opposite hand, are a so much cry to what the Blaugrana star has with the national team. while not degrading the portugal team from now on, one will conclude that the Albiceleste are lots stronger than the Iberian unit.The performances of European nation at major tournaments are all regarding one man attempting his utmost to tug a team all by himself – and falling short, always.The criticism flows in. After all, if you’re Cristiano Ronaldo, you’ll be loathed for marking ‘easy’ goals. The noted ‘Cristiano scores from solely penalties and tap-ins’ argument may be a clear testament to it truth.In general, the previous Manchester United jock is labeled as a flop within the international scene. each probability that he misses, each penalty that miscues, falls beneath the magnifier and is criticized with fervour.Prior to the planet Cup 2014, La Pulga conjointly two-faced similar criticism for his displays with Argentina. However, once star in 3 consecutive tournaments by serving to his team to the ultimate, the criticism has became sympathy – which got additional amplified once he uncomprehensible his shot throughout the shoot-out and retired from internationals once the sport.His call surprised several, however once we glance on the far side the veneer of unhappiness that his face oozed, we tend to can’t facilitate however suppose that this is often his weakest call nonetheless.Granted, losing 3 finals during a row has to harm, particularly when you are one among the causes of it. the load of the planet looks to crush you, 1,000,000 needles pinch your heart—you just feel like aiming to sleep and waking up while not even a fraction of a memory of what happened.

A decision taken within the heat of the instant In the heat of the moment,

Messi decided to decision it equal. it’s a call he can virtually certainly reverse. However, the impulsive act shows his inferiority to Cristiano Ronaldo during this regard.There is nothing the Portuguese will do and not earn criticism for. once he scores a penalty, he’s labeled as ‘Penaldo’. once he scores a goal from a number of yards out, he’s somebody UN agency will solely score from tap-ins. once he misses a penalty, he’s a tinpot piece of flesh. Basically, rephrasing a quote from Lyndon B. Johnson, if Cristiano Ronaldo walked on water, the majority would claim that it’s as a result of he can’t swim.And yet, he carries on.As portugal battle poland within the quarter-final of the tournament, they need a decent probability of constructing it to future spherical. If, however, they lose, it’ll be Ronaldo UN agency are scathed with negative reviews.This is one side wherever Messi edges massively. once Argentina lose, his team-mates square measure goddamned for not supporting him like his Barca counterparts do. However, constant argument isn’t created once it involves Ronaldo.If European nation don’t win and Ronaldo gets the blame for it, he wouldn’t quit and retire even though the warmth of the instant becomes volcanic. that is as a result of he is aware of that he still incorporates a sensible 2-3 years of optimum level of soccer left in him, and he can use that to fight and win one thing along with his country. And this is often why he’s higher than Messi once it comes to riveting grief. One will only marvel if Argentina would even play international soccer had he been born as a Portuguese and vie for European nation instead.

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14 Most Amazing Facts of Cristiano Ronaldo

14 most amazing facts of Cristiano Ronaldo is the topic of this article. Not only ladies but men also admire Cristiano Ronaldo for his skills, beauty and sportsmanship. Even if one is not much of sports fan, he would have been living under a rock not to notice such a fine and best footballer. It is quite remarkable to watch CR7 on the field. Whether you are a die-hard admirer or just merely curious, CR7 with 6-pakced abs chunk will fascinate you. Here, you will find 14 most amazing fact about Cristiano Ronaldo.


14 Most Amazing Facts of Cristiano Ronaldo

14 Most Amazing Facts of Cristiano Ronaldo


The full name of Cristiano Ronaldo is Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro. He was named after U.S president Ronal Reagan. Ronald Reagon was his father’s favorite actor.


Ronaldo was diagnosed with a condition called racing heart at the age of 15. Cristiano Ronaldo had an operaton that used a laser to cauterize the area of his heart that caused the problem.


You do not know that 130 km per hour is the speed of CR7’s free kick. Really it is unbelievable. It is one of most  Amazing Facts of Cristiano Ronaldo.


You do not know that CR7’s jump generates five times more power than that of a wild Cheetah. This huge speed allows Ronaldo to reach a height of 44 cm in the air.


CR7 credits his success and start to his best friend named Albert Fantrau. He says Albert Fantrau passed up a goal during a youth club game so that Ronaldo would be the one to be accepted into the Academy from Sporting. Once CR7 asked him why you did so? He simply replied that Ronaldo was better than him. Although Albert Fantrau is unemployed these days but he lives like a rich man with a car and house because Ronaldo financially supports him on regular basis. It is another one of most  Amazing Facts of Cristiano Ronaldo.


After signing a profitable contract with real Madrid, Cristiano Ronaldo is now the highest paid footballer in the world.


Ronaldo’s boutique in Madeira, Portugalis called CR7. 7 is his shirt number and C stands for Cristiano and R stands for Ronaldo.


You will be glad to hear this, unlike other sports stars, CR7 has no tattoos. He has no desire to get any tattoo anytime because he regularly donates blood.


You will again be surprised that Ronaldo does not drink or smoke because father died at the age of fifty two due to alcohol. Ronaldo also thinks that smoke and drink will affect his playing. It is indeed one of most  Amazing Facts of Cristiano Ronaldo.


Again you will be surprised that there is a university in Canada that offers a sociology course about CR7


Cristiano Ronaldo announced the birth of his son in July 3, 2013. He has not yet revealed the name of his wife or girl friend who is the mother of his son.


Cristiano Ronaldo became the 4th footballer to be represented at Madame Tassauds Waxwork in London on june 2010.


Ronaldo unbelievably does 3,000 abs per day. It is one of most unbelievable Amazing Facts of Cristiano Ronaldo.


Manchester United signed Ronaldo in 2003 and paid him £12 million. It is indeed a record amount for a player of his age.

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