Jose Fonte: ‘We believe in Cristiano Ronaldo and with him Portugal can win Euro 2016’

Jose Fonte: ‘We believe in Cristiano Ronaldo and with him Portugal can win Euro 2016’

Jose Fonte was thirteen once Cristiano Ronaldo initial walked through the dressing-room door at Sporting lisbon and it was shortly evident that someone special had arrived. “I simply bear in mind him doing push-ups within the shower,” says Fonte, smiling.

“He would enlighten everybody, ‘I can do additional push-ups than you within the shower when training’. And he would. He would do quite everybody. It showed however competitive he’s. He was thus far previous everyone.”

With maybe one obvious exception, not a lot of has modified. Fonte would merrily admit that his close to 20-year friendship makes him a rather biased witness however he still thinks Ronaldo remains way previous everybody, as well as even Lionel Messi.



Fonte has far-famed Ronaldo for nearly thirty years
“I love Messi however Ronaldo is Ronaldo,” he says. “He was solely young and that i saw him millions of times within the athletic facility, when coaching, once everybody else had gone home making an attempt to induce stronger, making an attempt to be faster. His work ethic and want to be the simplest is one and only.”

Fonte is once more expected to start out on Thursday against Poland for a portugal team that’s aiming for his or her fourth European Championship semi-final since 2000 however, as ever, the main target can mostly choose one man.

For the sixth year in succession, Ronaldo has simply finished a season with quite fifty goals. He conjointly scored the winning penalty to secure a 3rd Champions League title and, whereas Fonte might merely see a team-mate he has far-famed since their young years, the reminders of his elevation to international icon area unit constant.

Even throughout our interview, Fonte is approached not for associate autograph himself but for somebody wanting him to induce a ball signed by Ronaldo for a charity.

Gary Lineker supported Cristiano Ronaldo to be Euro 2016 top scorer

It was an evening to forget for Cristiano Ronaldo as he neglected to assist Portugal overcome Austria amid their monetary unit 2016 conflict on Sat night. the $64000 Madrid genius incomprehensible varied fine probabilities for his national aspect all through the stalemate in Paris. Ronaldo, 31, even became the principal player within the competition to miss from the penalisation spot as his strike hit the post. The former
Ronaldo, 31, even became the principal player within the competition to miss from the penalisation spot as his strike hit the post. the previous Manchester United star can be a standout amongst the foremost honored players in world soccer, however it’s protected to mention that monetary unit 2016 has been a nasty dream for him during this approach.

Gary Lineker supported Cristiano Ronaldo

Gary Lineker supported Cristiano Ronaldo

He in addition neglected to flame against Iceland amid Portugal’s gap diversion in France, and currently BBC intellectual city Lineker supported Cristiano Ronaldo to be euro 2016 prime scorer and smartly endeavored to clarify precisely why Ronaldo might battle. To be sure, Lineker took to Twitter to uncover that he supported Cristiano Ronaldo to be the highest scorer within the opposition.

Lineker tweeted: “Think I will clarify Ronaldo’s exceptional downfall. I supported him to be top scorer. #jinx.”
Let’s be realistic, however, each likelihood Ronaldo can take his shot at recovery once Portugal tackle European country on weekday. With twenty one strikes at goal in just 2 amusements, it’s been very much reportable that he has had a much bigger variety of shots than another player within the competition intrinsically.

Leading is that the approach that he’s had twenty one shots as of now simply|in mere|in exactly|in precisely|in barely} 2 diversions – just four of that are on course – that’s over ten completely different groups at the competition. Be that because it could, it’s stupid to discount him at this stage; the ex-United man is {as however|so far|thus far|up to now|hitherto|heretofore|yet|til now|until now} giving his everything and will yet fire his nation into the knockout phases of euro 2016.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Jennifer Lopez together highlighted in new Video of RedOne

It turns out Cristiano Ronaldo and Jennifer Lopez have a not too bad partner in like way, RedOne. The Grammy Award-winning hit maker, who has as of now worked with Lady Gaga, Enrique Iglesias and JLo herself, is discharging his first music video “Don’t You Need Somebody,” booked to make a big appearance worldwide on June 6.


The tune, which is starting now open on each and every propelled stage, highlights Enrique Iglesias, R. City, Serayah, and Shaggy. To propel his first single, the music creator, whose veritable name is Nadir Khayat, enlisted some of his partners to appear in a video teaser, lip-synchronizing the verses to his tune. The craftsman performing craftsman and the Real Madrid star will lip-sync to the Grammy Award-winning hitmaker’s new tune’s promo.

In the fasten, the Portuguese superstar Cristiano Ronaldo and Jennifer Lopez and Mr. Rationally program are shown celebrating hard in different territories as the listen to the smart tune. “The reason I transformed into a music creator regardless was having the ability to explore the sheer number of musings and musical styles I had,” RedOne said in the midst of a late meeting. “It engages me to work with masters in each different order. I suspected that to be a performer, you expected to hold fast to a singular sound, and I esteemed exorbitantly various sorts of music.”

He continued, “Yet now, I wind up needing to come back to singing and playing and associates like Enrique have encouraged me to do all things considered. I should be an expert as of late, instead of the traditional one. I’m going to do it the RedOne way, which is making sounds with different people, doing the records I have to do.”

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