Cristiano Ronaldo wins goal battle vs Leo Messi

Cristiano Ronaldo wins goal battle vs Leo Messi

Final goals total in La Liga: Ronaldo 35-26 Messi

Cristiano Ronaldo scored twice to seal success in his head-to-head league goals battle with Lionel Messi,

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Ronaldo’s goals came in a 2-0 win at Deportivo La Coruna. In just forty five minutes of play, the Portuguese forward also hit the woodwork twice. Messi, meanwhile, got all four of the shots he took on target against Granada, but unsuccessful to realize cyber web.
Cristiano Ronaldo scored more goals than Lionel Messi in La Liga for the third straight season.
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Here’s what our club bloggers had to say about the most recent performances of Ronaldo and Messi.

Ed Alvarez on Ronaldo: 9/10 — once thirty three minutes, he had scored doubly and conjointly had hit the post twice a lot of for sensible live. He’s recovered physically from his injury 3 weeks agone with no apparent limitations and looks as hungry as a young player making an attempt to make the first team. In an unprecedented call, Zinedine Zidane replaced him at half-time. The Liga title and the race for the highest scorer title were over after Suarez’s performance in city, so there was no reason to place Ronaldo’s health at stake.

Lee Roden on Messi: 7/10 — One dangerous diagonal pass aside, the No. 10 struggled in the half, dribbling into dead ends and putt too a lot of weight on his delivery. He was better once the break, though, when he tested Andres Fernandez with a sensible free kick and had a bigger influence on the sport from a central position, shown most clearly by the neat through ball that helped create Barcelona’s third goal.

Back in August, on the eve of the new season, ESPN’s projection model predicted that Ronaldo would score a lot of goals than Messi in 2015-16.

Both men fell short of their calculable totals, although it ought to be noted that the model calculated its numbers based mostly on every taking part in all thirty eight games. As it was, Messi missed 5 matches and Ronaldo was absent for 2.

Messi Ronaldo goals
Before a ball was kicked in La Liga this season, these were the goals projections for Messi and Ronaldo.
The Messi vs. Ronaldo goals-projection model

All season long, ESPN FC, in conjunction with ESPN’s Stats & Information cluster, forecast the scoring battle in La Liga between Messi and Ronaldo mistreatment a specially designed projection model.

Here’s an clarification of however it works from the model’s creator, analytics specialist Zach Bradshaw:

“These projections account for the historical performance [goals scored and minutes played] of the two players since 2010, strength of opposing defences faced [measured by SPI defensive rating], game location and the potential for injury or missing games. Based on these inputs, the predictor will estimate the likelihood of every player marking any range of goals for every remaining game. From this, we will project the full range of goals scored, hat tricks and the chance of every player accruing a lot of goals than the opposite over the course of the complete Liga season.”

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