Cristiano Ronaldo vs The Rock : A WWE Match-up

Cristiano Ronaldo vs The Rock : A WWE Match-up

After the separation with Irina Shayk she was supposed to have dating the wrestler turned performing artist Dwayne Johnson otherwise called “The Rock”. Questions began to raise in what manner will the battle between the two will wind up.

Utilizing the “Make A Superstar” choice in WWE 2k15, a PlayStation 4 client in Spain has making a variant of Cristiano Ronaldo into the diversion. We no more need to utilize our creative energies. He has invested an impressive energy in building a flawless variant of the Real Madrid star.

The video continues for quite a while, however it’s definitely justified even despite a watch, essentially for the meticulousness. Indeed, even Ronaldo’s unique move has been thought about. At a certain point, he conveys what must be depicted as a vicious scissor kick to The Rock’s head.


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