Cristiano Ronaldo Salary in Sports Industry

Cristiano Ronaldo Salary in Sports Industry

Cristiano Ronaldo Salary

Cristiano Ronaldo Salary

Cristiano Ronaldo’s fans always look curious to know about his salary. Here we are going to share some useful information about the salary of Cristiano Ronaldo. Cristiano Ronaldo signed a new contract with Real Madrid on Sept. 15, 2013. According to the contract Cristiano Ronaldo will be a part of club until 2018 and he will receive a handsome amount of salary. This handsome amount is only 17 million Euros per year. Now Ronaldo is exclusively highest paid footballer in the world. Lional Messi possesses no. 2 in this list with 16 million Euros per year.

According to “Futebol Finance”, Cristiano Ronaldo was possessing no. 1 in the year 2011 with a handsome monthly salary of 1 million Euros (1.430.000 US dollars, 882.000 British pounds). Cristiano Ronaldo is followed by Lionel Messi in term of per month salary. Lionel Messi earned 0.875 million Euros (1.251.000 US dollars 772.000 British pounds). You will be surprised to know this fact that Barcelona is the only football club which puts five players in the top 20 highest paid footballer’s list. These wonderful footballers are: Daniel Alves, Andres Iniesta, Lionel Messi, David Villa and Xavi.

The above mentioned five footballers receive about 3.250 million Euros from Barcelona. Barcelona is also one of 10 Richest Football Clubs in the world. Let’s have a glance over the handsome salary of Cristiano Ronaldo.

 Cristiano Ronaldo Salary in 2014-15 (In Millions)

 Cristiano Ronaldo per second income is €0.54 Millions

Cristiano Ronaldo per minute income is €32 Millions

Cristiano Ronaldo per hour income is €1.941 Millions

 Cristiano Ronaldo’s per day income is €46.575 Millions

Cristiano Ronaldo’s per weak income is €326.923 Millions

Cristiano Ronaldo per month income is €1.416.666 Millions (1.880.000 USD) (£1.190.000 (GBP))

Cristiano Ronaldo per year income is €17 Millions (22.620 million USD) (£14.250.000 (GBP))

It is according to the Exchange rates on 15th Sept. 2013

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