Cristiano Ronaldo makes sure he gets to take a penalty kick this time

Cristiano Ronaldo makes sure he gets to take a penalty kick this time

At the point when Portugal left Euro 2012, Cristiano Ronaldo couldn’t do a thing about it. Their elimination round against Spain went to extra shots and he was set to shoot fifth. The issue is, Portugal missed two kicks and lost the shootout before Ronaldo got the opportunity to take his shot.


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Ronaldo was impacted for not venturing up for his nation and when it was uncovered that then-Portugal chief Bento requesting that he go fifth, he too was addressed. Obviously, that didn’t acquit Ronaldo, who some way or another was still faulted.

On Thursday, Portugal wound up back in the Euro knockout stages and, at the end of the day, it went to extra shots. What’s more, this time, Ronaldo wasn’t going to watch his nation go out without him partaking.

Ronaldo took the primary extra shot for Portugal and coolly opened it home. On the off chance that Portugal were going to go out, it would not have been a result of their star.

Surprisingly better, Portugal didn’t go out. A solitary recovery by Rui Patricio was sufficient for Portugal to progress as Ronaldo and Co. covered every one of the five of their shots to book an arrival to the elimination rounds.

Portugal will now square off against the champ of the Belgium-Wales quarterfinal and, chances are, that match will go to additional time. Portugal have yet to lose a match at these Euros, however they’ve likewise neglected to win one in additional time — three attracts the gathering organize, an additional time win in the round of 16 and punishments in the quarterfinals.

In the event that they go to extra shots once more, you can wager on Ronaldo venturing up for the main shot once more. He’s not going to go home from the Euros without shooting. Not after 2012.


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