Cristiano Ronaldo has angry reaction during Sevilla clash

Cristiano Ronaldo has angry reaction during Sevilla clash

The Real Madrid forward lost his temper after Sevilla midfielder Vitolo attempted to put the star off just before he took a punishment.

The Spanish midfielder attempted to occupy Ronaldo by scraping the punishment spot before he took his kick.

The Portugal global promptly lost his temper over the terrible sportsmanship from the Sevilla star.

Ronaldo forcefully tossed the ball which struck Vitolo on the back, who then pivoted to go up against the whiz.

Vitolo squared up to the recently granted FIFA World Player of the prior year players from both sides figured out how to isolate the match.

Prior to the punishment was taken, Real Madrid left-back Marcelo was spotted on the pitch rubbing down the punishment spot after Vitolo attempted to harm the grass.

Ronaldo went ahead to change over the punishment in spite of endeavors to make him scrape the kick which gave Real Madrid the lead at Sevilla.

The objective was scored in the 66th moment after Dani Carvajal was brought around Sevilla goalkeeper Sergio Rico.

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